June 18, 2008

Today's bone marrow clinic in Huddersfield, UK was deemed a success by organizers attracting 53 people. This is the first clinic inspired directly from the challenge of Adrian "Sudders" Sudbury to educate people about bone marrow registration and donations in the short time he has left to live, after being treated unsuccessfully for two different types of leukemia (he is the only known person to have two forms simultaneously).

Two more drives will be occurring in July.

If you live in the UK or are an ex-pat, you may also be interested in signing the official 10 Downing Street e-petition before July 23, 2008 to fulfill Adrian's wish to see the basics of bone marrow donation and registration taught to teenagers in school as part of the curriculum. Please sign it only if you are from the United Kingdom.

Sign the petition

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