May 21, 2008

This is a message from Syreeta Quartey, Danny Whyte's sister. Danny had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, a donor could not be found in time.
On Thursday it will be a year since my brother Danny Whyte died of Leukaemia.

We will be doing a sponsored walk to raise awareness about Leukaemia and asking people to please join the bone marrow register and to raise funds for DWIB Leukaemia Trust to continue their work of starting the first bone marrow register in Africa starting in Ghana.

We are advertising this on the radio, TV and in newspapers to let people know what is happening and why they need to join.

I would like to ask everyone who is not on the register to please do so as soon as possible and don't wait for it to happen to you or someone you love.
Remembering Danny
Sponsored walk to raise funds for DWIB

From Brockwell Park to Goldcoast Restaurant
Thursday 22nd May 2008 11:30 am
Approximately 5.12 miles/8.24 km
About 1 hour 40 minutes

You can see Danny waiting while people get swabbed for bone marrow typing in Ghana courtesy of the efforts of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. Nearly 800 people were typed due to their efforts during that single trip.

I showed this video to my parents and one of our friends. My friend, who lives three blocks away from me in Montreal, Canada, recognized Danny, by that time living in the UK, because they had gone to school together in Ghana. The world is smaller than you think. The international scope of bone marrow donation and transplantation brings that fact home constantly.

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