February 24, 2009

Are you using Twitter?

I sent this tweet out from my Twitter feed and @healemru:
Are you a registered bone marrow donor. Tweet your friends today and tell them. Add #whyiregistered
While I was at it, I included this status on Facebook:
Tamu would like you to tell Facebookers if you registered as a bone marrow donor and why. Twitterers: http://twitter.com/healemru/statuses/1244894949 #whyiregistered.
I believe small acts can make a difference. Do you feel the same way? A lot of the misconceptions about bone marrow donation begin by talking about it. Telling someone you are registered and why you think it is important is a great way to let people know this is something they can do to to potentially save a life, and that they need not compromise themselves to make a living donation.

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