December 31, 2008

The sixth principle of of Kwanzaa is creativity.

I don't want to make another overly long post, but this was a principle dearly cherished by Emru. His love of animation, comics and writing, film were superlative. His creative energy allowed him to work on so many projects. He also cared a lot about the people behind the art he loved, and forged many friendships with those with a creative spark at every point in his life.

That creativity helped a lot this year to find his match as well. He was touched to his very core (as was I and many others) by the illustrated and photographic images people created as people tried to find ways to help spread the word about Emru and others. Emru's words also expressed what he was going through and he could have chosen to write some very angry words but did not. Friends used their words to help explain why Emru needed help and why others needed help too.

When times were tough, these words, images and other creative expressions were like anchors to reality when everything else seemed unreal.

It reminded us that people cared and had great beauty inside them, and that is what makes life is beautiful.

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