November 26, 2008

People have been asking me about the registration process.

Registration is free in Quebec. You must be 18-50 to register, but you can donate up until you are 60.

It's just a blood sample to register in Quebec, but you should be informed about the methods of donation, should you ever be one of the select group to match another person. To find out more:

Go to
> Learn More
> "Learn" or "Spread the Word"

The OneMatch site is much more informative than the current Hema-Quebec website.

If you are a busy person, set aside between 15-30 minutes, and read information on the site. Use a timer so you get back to the other things you need to do.

How to register in Quebec:

1. Go to

> Stem Cells menu
> Stem Cells Donor Registry
> How To Join

You can also request a consent form by phone (514-832-5000 ext. 279).

2. Read, fill in the consent form and send it back. (5 to 10 minutes)

Do NOT self-select yourself out if you answer no or yes to a question. Some questions are asked simply for more follow-up.

Send it back by fax (514-832-0266) or email (info AT If you requested a consent kit, send it back in the postage paid envelope.

3. A representative will call, and set up your appointment.

It is at your convenience, and you get to choose if you provide your sample at a nearby blood drive or go to their offices. If you don't hear from them in ten days, call them back!

4. At your appointment, provide a small sample of blood for typing.

It will take much less blood and less time than a regular blood donation. You're done!

It takes about fifteen working days to get HLA-typed. Keep your address information up to date whenever you move so you can be found if you are ever needed.

You could be contacted in two months, ten years, maybe never. But if you match someone, you may be able to save someone's life by donating 2 to 5% of the stems cells in your circulating blood or bone marrow.

How To Register As A Donor In Canada
How To Register Online As A Donor In The United States

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