October 20, 2008

Important message from Laurent Paul Ménard, director of external communications from Hema-Quebec:

Hema-Québec web site will go through a major redesign process and we expect to be online with a new version in early spring 2009.

We are currently addressing and auditing existing contents and gathering information. Your suggestions will be gladly welcomed.

Please send your comments/suggestions at : Laurent-Paul.Menard AT hema-quebec.qc.ca


Laurent Paul Ménard
Directeur des communications externes,

Please take a look at the Hema-Quebec website. By the end of your search for information, did you feel any of these four messages came across clearly?

- Over 70% of people will not find a family match and will need a stranger
- Donation is not risky, extremely painful or dangerous, and there are two methods of donation
- You don't need to donate stem cells in your marrow or circulating blood to register. It is just a blood sample
- It is difficult to find a match and many people do not find a match, moreso if they are from an underrepresented ethnicity, because their likely match is usually of the same or similar ethnicity

Here are some more suggestions for what you could address in your email feedback. Remember to be polite!

-Did you find information that let you know what to expect during the registration process?
-Could you easily find the form you needed to register as a potential donor?
-Did you find information that let you understand the donation process?


- Try to find out which blood collection drives include a table for information on the stem cell registry.

- Click and compare: Go to www.onematch.ca or www.univie.ca and look at their frequently asked questions. Then look at www.hema-quebec.qc.ca and look at their stem cell registry FAQ. Which one is clearer? You can also try www.anthonynolan.org.uk or www.marrow.org

- Do you still need to know why it is important to donate blood, or why people need a transplant after your website visit? Tell HQ what you could not find, and where you would have looked.

All information you provide on any aspect of the entire website will be taken into consideration - as long as you do it by the end of the month!

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