September 26, 2008

OneMatch, Canada's stem cell registry, is hosting an on-site swabbing event on Sunday. At least 200 people need to register for this to be considered a success. There will be on-site staff to answer questions and educate the public.

Sunday, September 28, 2008
11:00am - 3:00pm
The Tagore Centre
140 Millwick Drive
Toronto, ON

Here are my suggestions to help make this event a success:
  • Already on the registry? Tell people you registered!
  • Too old to register or otherwise ineligible? Get more informed on the issue and spread the word!
  • Thinking of registering? Get the proper documentation to dispel myths and talk to your friends and family. Staff from OneMatch will be on-site at Sunday's event. Ask lots of questions and get the facts! If you want to swab right away, you'll be in the right place!
  • Are you a photographer, videographer or sketch artist? Record this event and then show people your work.

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What does it all mean?

I've gone on the record saying that I am in disbelief that Canada does not run bone marrow drives. If you have ever seen a drive recently in Canada, it is a US organization, such as Gift of Life, that runs drives, and anyone who gets swabbed is placed on the US registry. Further complicating issues, Quebec has a different method of sample collection, so many people figure they will wait until they can swab, and that opportunity may not occur again in a timely fashion, as it is uncertain when an out-of-country drive will next be organized in a given city.

This event could be a critical turning point in reaching more Canadians on this issue. If you live in Toronto, tell your friends, and make sure to encourage them to tell others about it.

Join the Facebook event and invite friends
Appeal for South Asian Donors

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