July 20, 2008

Monday night in emergency is something of a blur for me, because I didn't get a good night's sleep at all. It was very cool in the room, so I was fidgeting as I alternated between being too hot and too cold. Also, I was constantly being visited: I had a blood culture taken when my fever spiked at 39 degrees, I was visited by my hematologist before she left work as well as my old CEGEP buddy when his shift ended (at midnight!), nurses came in to get my vitals every few hours as well as an early-morning blood test, a nurse with an awesome tattoo (as far as I could see—I was too tired to ask him about them) came in to do an EKG, and one of the doctors I knew from my last stay, who happened to be doing her rotation in emergency, stopped by. Factor in the late arrival of my desmopressin, which had me making a few extra visits to the bathroom, and you can see why everything was a little messed up.

I did get an hour or two of sleep in at the end, and when my eyes opened I realized I didn't feel quite as out of it as I had on Monday. Then I sat up quickly and felt a sharp pain in my upper back that sent me right back down. It seemed I had slept in a funny position, and the sudden shift didn't help. Ow.

Gingerly, I got myself into a sitting position and found that I was actually able to sit up and read a magazine, something I was totally incapable of the previous day.

Vicky came by to relieve my mom of her shift, and brought me some fresh clothes. We waited to find out what was happening with me, and discovered that they were waiting to admit me, if only they could find a free bed upstairs. Eventually, once it was determined that I wasn't neutropenic, I was moved to a different unit within emergency (the green unit) which was smaller and far quieter overall, but didn't have any separate rooms—so I got to hear the conversations and occasional plaintive cries during those few times I was awake. Eventually my mother came back to relieve Vicky and, after a few puzzles and a short walk, I settled in for the night's sleep.

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Blogger val said...

Uck...sorry to hear about a night in emergency. Hope they have you somewhere more comfortable now.

Rene gave me one of the pins (I sent off my swabs to the US registry last month sometime) and a big stack of flyers. Between me and Renee (a friend of John Z's you haven't met yet who lives around the corner from me) we'll get a bunch of them out there!

July 21, 2008 11:08 AM  

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