June 19, 2008

A few hours ago I was sitting in a radio studio for Université de Québec à Montreal's CHOQ-FM, where I was a guest on their Les Contes à Rendre spoken-word program. My friend Yasmin Hudsmith invited me to tell a story related to my cancer, and I ended up throwing out my first two efforts (a light-hearted look at the weeks leading up to my diagnosis and a more somber reflection on mortality and the people left behind) and quickly wrote the one I ended up using on the air, a tribute to one of my fallen cancer buddies.

I'm still in the process of editing the audio for the permanent Heal Emru archives, but I thought I should point you to the recording of the original broadcast in its entirety. If you understand French (I had the only spoken English segment), the whole hour is worth a listen. You can find today's airing at http://www.choq.fm/archives-contesarendre-19069-0.html#archives; either download the MP3 by clicking the really tiny "Téléchargement" link above the mass of text, or listen online by clicking the small play icon slightly above it. I start talking about 5 minutes in.

Update: You can now listen to the clip directly from Heal Emru by clicking here.


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Blogger Tamu said...

What's interesting is the emcee's shock that there were less than "dix-sept mille (17 000)" on the registry, when in fact you said less than 1700.

June 20, 2008 1:15 AM  

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