April 10, 2008

Kristin Morency interviewed me last Friday for the Suburban weekly newspaper; it came out yesterday, and the article can be found online here, as well as in our Press section.

There are two things in the article that need to be addressed. They're actually fairly common misstatements (in fact, I make one of them in the article), but they should still be clarified for the sake of accuracy.

First, there aren't "less than 10 Afro-Caribbean bone marrow donors in Quebec," as it says in the first paragraph; there are fewer than 10 potential donors; that is, people who have registered to donate bone marrow. The second misstatement is along the same lines. It says, "Townsend said there are 227,000 registered donors in Canada, and 11 million people registered worldwide." That's probably not an error on Kristin Morency's part; as careful as I am, I sometimes slip up. What I meant to say was that there are 227,000 people registered as potential donors.

I've already contacted the Suburban and these should be fixed online and in the forthcoming Montreal edition of the paper. It may seem like nitpicking, but there are so many misconceptions surrounding the registration and donating processes it's worth taking the time out to make sure these things are straightened out.


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