April 24, 2008

An e-mail to the UCSF Student Activity Center regarding the April 30 drive at the University of California San Francisco led to a followup e-mail from the recruitment director of the Asian American Donor Program (AADP). (Don't let the name put you off; everyone is encouraged to register.) She pointed me to their website, which includes a calendar listing all of their upcoming drives and events, through to June 8. These aren't all in San Francisco. Other cities include Davis, Sunnyvale, San Jose and Palo Alto... to name a few. From their calendar page:
On your consent form, we will need the names, addresses and phone numbers of 2 close contacts who do not live with you and not living with each other.

Unless otherwise noted, all drives are public and open to all ethnic minorities interested in registering with the National Marrow Donor Program Registry. Due to fluctuating funding, non-minorities can be expected to pay up to $52 for registration.
The next four events take place this weekend in Sunnyvale, San Jose and San Francisco.

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