April 12, 2008

"This one's important..."
"The blog item I'm about to write is one of the most unusual I've ever posted here..."
So begin the blog entries of Neil Gaiman's journal and Harry McCracken's editorial for PC World's Techlog about the bone marrow registry and Emru's situation.

Many people are helping to get the word out, and bloggers seem especially willing to set aside a part of their daily conversation to discuss this matter. I think it is not only that they know or have heard of Emru, and respond to what a genuine person he is. It is also that they realize it should be a part of the daily conversation: this could happen to anyone, anywhere and the more people who are on the registry, the better everyone's chances, especially for those who come from underrepresented donor pools. The word is slow to get out in a conventional manner, so it is up to all of us to let people know.

And the last word is taken from the end of Cory Doctorow's Boing Boing entry:
"Hell, even if you don't care about this one case, being on the marrow donor registry is just a Good Thing. The next person it saves could be you."

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