March 21, 2008

Two recent discoveries on our part point to the urgent need for more bone marrow donors, and particularly for minority donors. The African American Community Health Advisory Committee states:
However, ethnic minorities are severely underrepresented. Only about 200,000 potential donors -- about 6 percent -- are African-Americans. According to the Judie Davis Marrow Donor Recruitment Program in Oakland, this means African-Americans receive transplants from the National Marrow Registry only 3.3 percent of the time, compared to a rate of 85 to 88 percent for Caucasians.
These are figures for the US, of course, but the numbers should line up here in Canada as well (we may even be lower). The page goes on to mention ways to take action, and mentions subsidies for ethnic minorities who want to donate.

5 Towns Jewish Times, meanwhile, reports that Ezer Minion's registry in Israel (we have them listed) is the fourth largest marrow registry in the world, and that Israel has more donors per capita (5%) than anywhere else in the world. However, take a look at the comparative stats:
In comparison, the per capita statistics in other countries are less than 4% in Germany, 1.58% in the U.S., and only 0.64% in the U.K. Italy’s registry, which has slightly fewer registrants than Israel, represents only 0.55% of the local population—proportionately about one tenth of Israel’s registry membership!
Time to bring those percentages up!


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