March 16, 2008

Vivian Cisneros' daughter, Laura, has a request open for an unrelated bone marrow donor. Her family is hoping people will register to increase Laura's chance of finding the right match. Laura is in a minority donor group as a person of mixed heritage - Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian (the last being a surprise). People who match this ethnic makeup will have a higher chance of matching with her.

Vivian writes:

My daughter has leukemia and is desperately looking for a bone marrow donor. She was diagnosed a year ago, went through intensive chemo (almost a month in the hospital), went through follow-up chemo, one of which she almost didn't survive, and went into remission. Now six months later the leukemia has come back. She will have to go through the intensive chemo again, and then get a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, she is very unique and we cannot find a match for her. They have even searched the international lists, and from 10 million people she matched 2 (and those numbers are NOT typos). The 2 people were a not so good 9 out of 10 match. Her doctor is fairly sure they won't match after they do more match testing, because the 1 that is not right, needs to be.

So, the reason I am writing to everyone is that I am asking you to please consider signing up to be a bone marrow donor. Laura's sorority sister has set up a website for Laura with more information about her and about bone marrow donations. Please take a minute to look it over, and spread the word. Donors from mixed ethnic backgrounds are especially needed.

It's heartbreaking for me to see my daughter so sick, to know that the worst part of it all is the fact that she's afraid her 2-year-old son will not remember her after she gets out of the hospital, or will resent the fact that she went away. It took months the last time around for her to be his 'boo-boo healer' again. He's a year older now, he'll be so much more aware of her absence.

Please spread the word, and if you can, sign up to be a donor or organize a bone marrow drive. These can easily be incorporated into existing blood drives, as the Red Cross in the US runs both. Thank you for listening, for caring, for acting.


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Blogger Froglady said...

We, the Townsend Family, sincerely hope that you will soon get a match and that your road to recovery will be speedy.

Keep the faith & stay strong - we are with you in your struggle.

Beverly Townsend
(Emru's mom)

March 24, 2008 9:26 PM  

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