March 15, 2008

Chantelle Chornoby is an aboriginal teen who is looking for help to increase her chances of finding a donor. The person most likely to match her is another First Nations person.

Cancer-fighting teen launches appeal for bone marrow donors

"There's not too many First Nations people on the donors registry, they told me, and if we get more First Nations people on there, then maybe it could help our people," she said.

"My experience can help somebody else, and that's what this campaign is all about — like, to maybe help the next person who gets leukemia, because there is such a little chance that they could find a match. Like, a full sibling, there's only a one-out-of-four chance that they would be a match."

The Burntwood Regional Health Authority, which covers northern Manitoba, is supporting Chornoby's campaign.

The link to the rest of this article is available in the Press section.

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